Miro Center: cleanest Mall

The Miro Center was elected to be the cleanest Mall in the municipality of Enschede. This election was held in Holland by the Dutch foundation “ Nederland Schoon” and is called “ The cleanest shopping area election 2015”.

The Miro Center Enschede has been elected to be the cleanest shopping area of Enschede and is nationwide on a solid third place. Five hundred other shopping malls were competing in this election.

The municipality of Enschede, owner HB Capital, real estate manager Property View and the entrepreneurs have worked jointly very hard to achieve this award. All parties are extremely proud of this result.

On April 25, 2014 the Miro Center was reopened after a complete redevelopment. The shopping center is 11.500 square meters and with 480 parking spaces. Many established Dutch retailers have shops in this mall. For instance: AH XL, Blokker Garden, Xenos, Big Bazar, C&A, Van Haaren, Zeeman Etos, and Restaurant Sense.

HB Capital owns Miro Center since April 2014.